Saturday, December 07, 2019

I shall not want

My Journaling Bible to the right and my Bible promises journal to the left

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want"
Psalm 23:1

Today I was on a christmas party with the organisation EKHO which is a swedish organisation for and by Christian LGBT-people and their supporters. It was a beautiful church service and afterwards  traditional Swedish christmas food, sweets and coffee.

Yes, it is possible to belong to the LGBT community and still be a real and good christian. God loves queers. God love us all.

People who are afraid of what's "different" shall NOT decide who God loves. THAT is up to God! And I know in the Holy Spirit that God loves and supports me!


Friday, December 06, 2019

Tricias Ukulele - New blog category!

A used to play A LOT of ukulele but now my ukulele has taken a rest for a way too long time, so I've started to play on it again. It's so much fun! And it's so calming and relieves my anxiety. I play both lead melody, instrumental fingerpicking and strumming/singing. And I thought it would be fun to share.

I use the app Yousician to improve my ukulele playing too. I LOVE Yousician! I love it so much I actually subscribed to a Yousician Plus membership. I think it could be worth it, even tho I personally think the subscription is a little too high in price.Yousician is without doubt the best learning tool for musical instruments! I have not find any better solution at least. And I love that you can play along and it can notice how you play because of the iPad microphone, and give you feedback. It's not always easy to play with the songs, the app hear every mistake you do haha ;)

My first Certificate of Completion

Playing some uke fingerstyle. Old video, short clip.

Uke and vocals. Short clip.


Thursday, December 05, 2019

New EP and Smule karaoke!

My new EP is now out!

It's "Experimental Audio Artworks EP" and you can find it here:

My Discography can be found here:

My music is the result of therapy... And I thought it's fun to share.

I also trying to learn to sing again. I was a mezzo-soprano when I was a kid and actually very good. Now is my singing voice a bit rough and rusty, but I trying to practice and build it up again. I'm sure I can learn to sing again!

I use "Smule" which is a karaoke and singing social media app to document my singing journey. Go follow me on Smule:

Here are my latest recordings from Smule:

My app collection for iPad!

This is nearly my entire app collection on my iPad. The apps here are mostly suitable for iPad, but I'm sure some of them works for android or smartphones too. Some tips for you to enjoy! Some of them are completely free and some you must pay for a subscription or pay a one-time payment for the app.

These are the apps I have, but I haven't counted in them all.

I post them here to inspire others in the different categories below, in case someone need an app for either well-being or creativity. There are so many apps, so inspiration is always good, it's impossible to find them in any other way than recommendations and tips from others. So I'll contribute to that a bit here lol!

- - -

Apps for well-being and health apps

Youper - AI chatbot diary, mood tracker, mental health check ups
Way of Life - Habit tracker
Asthma+me - Monitoring your asthma
PainTracker Lite - Track your pain for your doctor appointments or to keep for your record
Smiling Mind - Mindfulness with different topics
Abide - Christian mindfulness and relaxing bedtime stories
Peak - Train your brain with logical games
Seven - Custom workouts and exercising

Learning new skills and school related apps

Duolingo - Language learning
Mondly - Language learning
myHomework - Schedule your homework so you can remember easily
Udemy - App with all the courses from
Bible (from YouVersion) - A bible in your device, daily verses and take notes
Yousician - Learn to play an instrument or to sing, gamified app, lock up levels
GoodNotes - Take notes with Apple Pencil on your iPad and use your real handwriting to fast take notes. The writing is very precise and easy.


RustyLakeParadise - Mysterious, morbid and on an intermediate level strategy game
Limbo - Dark and mysterious strategy game
Toby: The secret mine - Platform game, rescue monsters
Ghost Town - Puzzle and strategy game 
Orbia - Relaxing tab game
Wolf Evolution - Play as a wolf in an open world game
VampireFall - Fantasy open world game
Tiles Hop - Music game, bounce on the beats
Dream Piano - Piano tab game
Music Tiles - Music tab games
Magic piano - Piano tab game

Video and movie streaming

Netflix - Movie and series collection
SVT Play - Swedish open television channel app

Music and audio streaming

Spotify - Music library
Idagio - Like Spotify, but with only Classical music and you can choose your mood and get recommended pieces of beautiful music
Storytel - Audio books (and some ebooks too)

Create music

SymphonyPro5 - Notation app which plays the notations you put in so you can create arrangements and compositions and hear what you're composing in real time
Medly - Music creation app
Cove - Create music based on your mood and keep as a journal
Smule - Sing karaoke and record yourself when singing to share with others
iGrand Piano - Connect your keyboard/Keystation and play piano with effects through your iPad

Create art

Procreate - An advanced drawing and art creation app for iPad
Affinity Designer - An advanced vector art and graphic design illustration app
Zen Brush 2 - A simple but genuine drawing app inspired by Japanese Zen painting style
Tayasui sketches - Drawing and painting app

- - -

I realize that have pretty much stuff on my tablet... Everything from health stuff to games and creative apps.

My iPad helps me a lot in my daily life with both school and studying, to track my health and to stay creative. It's important to not use devices too often, that can be damaging, but people also have to remember that for some of us, these things are aids for our conditions. Even when it comes to creative apps, just because they are in my art/music therapy which I use for my well-being.

I may create a blog post with only my favorite and most used apps later! I use all apps, but some are more special and important of course :)

For those who wonder, I have an iPad from 2018, the 6th generation and the 1st generation Apple Pencil.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Spanish, Portuguese and Psychosynthesis

A good random study evening haha!

Words to learn from school.

Practice on Duolingo.
Portuguese on Mondly, my daily learning calendar.

Portuguese on Mondly, my daily learning calendar.

The "Egg model" in the Psychosynthesis method.

I study Spanish at Folkuniversitetet, first level. And I use Duolingo as a tool to learn faster. I learn about the psychosynthesis in the Behavioral Science program on Academy Online. The Social Educator program is at Distansinstitutet. So I have three schools right now, lol! But Behavioral Science and Social educator program is in the same study field, so the programs make up for each other. My studies at Folkuniversitetet are just for fun and to strengthen my language skills and I do it beside my higher education.


School work

I have started to become that "good student" again, lol! I was tired of school yesterday and the past few days, but today it's fun again. Things change quickly in my little head.

I have finished an essay for the Psychology class about social psychology. I think it's okay at least. I thought I understod the subject and the questions, and my discussions were good in my opinion.

I also work with the psychosynthesis in the Behavioral Science program I study. That's a very interesting method, and it sounds very legit and scientific proven. Not all psychiatric and psychological methods are interesting or feel legit. But the psychosynthesis method feels quite good.

However my Spanish class is tough. I feel a bit behind. In Philosophy, Psychology, English and Behavioral Science I think I'm good, but my Spanish isn't what I expected when I started the class. I thought I would be better at it than I actually feel I am. I'm not terrible, but not very good either. Well, I think I'm going to pass the course but I'm disappointed at myself. But languages are hard. Even English is hard for a Swedish student like me.


Zen painting therapy

I found a brilliant app called ”Zen Brush 2” and it’s inspired by the traditional Japanese Zen paintings which comes from buddhism. ”Zen” means ”meditation” and that’s exactly the case with this app. Its very calming. It's a very simple app with 3 types of brushes and 2 colors (black and red) in 3 different shades. But it's the simplicity which make it brilliant and genuine. Sure, I love Procreate and the other apps I usually use with hundreds of possibilities, but ”Zen Brush 2” is a calming break from all the complicated stuff.

See more of my illustrations on


Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Hallelujah & What Child Is This

Videos from my Facebook page!

"Hallelujah" - My own interpretation

"What Child Is This" (Greensleeves) - My own interpretation

Now in the time of Christmas I playing an interpretation of "What Child Is This".

Today I have studied and played the harp. I was also and visited my mom's neighbor who's 89 years old and we was drinking coffee and chatted. It was nice to see her again. I haven't visit her for a while now.

Yesterday me and my family had a cozy Christmas moment together!

I'm at my mom's house for the moment. I need to change environment sometimes. I took my little harp with me. I do always take one of my musical instruments with me when I visit my mom, lol!

I'm a bit tired of school right now. Well, not all of it of course, but some of the subjects...

Saturday, November 30, 2019

My beloved piano

Piano piano... Oh, my beloved piano. The therapy, the harmony, the joy.

And today is my beloved fathers birthday! Soon off to go to his house and celebrate the best person in this world!

Oh, and one other thing! I have been decorating my harp with black flowers, dots in the corners and colorful stripes below the strings. 

I got my harp on November 25, 2019, by the way.


Harp diary

New category on the blog! Tricias harp diary and Music therapy. Because music is a huge part of dealing with my illness and feel relief in my pain, its my own way of therapy.

Here is my latest harp video

I also have a harp video diary on Facebook

Other musical instruments I play are piano, viola, baritone ukulele, recorder and more.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Today's study inspiration... or something like that

And it happened again! 9 out of 10 correct answers on an English quiz?! I'm so close, so I get annoyed, but at the same time so surprised every time I get something correct hahaha!

Two days since I practiced both my Spanish and my Portuguese. I have to practice languages more regularly. But I have so much to do. I think I might have too many subjects to read ... But I won't change anything about it. Because this keeps me busy and I want to be busy. After all, I have no social life.

Behavioral science in Swedish. The behavioral science program I attend on the Online Academy.

Behavioral science on Udemy. I use Udemy courses as tools for my education and to learn more about the fields I'm studying. Here is a course about the fundamentals of Brain and Behavioral Science. 6 out of 6 correct answers on the quiz! Finally 100% hahahaha.

All the things I have ahead to study. I have started with, and is half way through chapter 1. It's about theories and methods of working with people as a social educator.

From 24 november

I record my mood in the Sanvello app, and my birthday started out good but I got a panic attack later in the evening.

Today I have problems with breathing so I can't exercise right now, but at least I have exercised this week.
Oh, and look at my little 12-stringed harp and my kalimba! It's pure anxiety relief to play on these musical instruments. And they are decorative in my apartment too haha!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Twitter thoughts! - New category